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Gladys Learns About The Force

Gladys goes for a walk Gladys woke up one morning and decided she wanted to have a day off from adventures. She set off on a walk around the farm.
Gladys meets Obi Wan Kenobi On her walk Gladys met a man named Obi Wan Kenobi. He told Gladys that he was going to a planet called Alderaan and asked if she if she would like to come along. Gladys thought it sounded like fun and agreed.
Obi Wan hires a ship and crew Obi Wan hired a ship and crew to take them to Alderaan.
Gladys learns about the force Obi Wan taught Gladys about the force during the voyage.
The Death Star has destroyed Alderaan When they arrived in the Alderaan system they found that Alderaan had been destroyed by a giant space station called the Death Star. The Death Star pulled their ship in with a tractor beam.
Gladys and Princess Leia On the Death Star, Gladys and Obi Wan escaped. Obi Wan disabled the tractor beam while Gladys rescued Princess Leia.
Gladys sees Obi Wan fighting Darth Vadar On the way back to the ship, Gladys saw Obi Wan fighting Darth Vadar. Obi Wan disappeared.
Gladys flees from the Death Star Gladys and the crew fled from the Death Star in their ship.
Gladys flies an X-wing Princess Leia took Gladys to the Rebel base. Gladys offered to help the rebels in an assault on the Death Star. Gladys was asked to fly an X-wing fighter.
Gladys helps destroy the Death Star The rebels destroyed the Death Star. Darth Vadar escaped in his ship.
Gladys gets a medal Gladys received a medal for her bravery. She decided it was time to go home.
Gladys goes to sleep She fell asleep, back in her field, thinking about where she should go on her next adventure.
The End
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