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Gladys In Black

Gladys at home Gladys woke up one morning and decided she wanted to have a day off from adventures and set off on a walk round the farm.
Gladys meets a man in black On her walk Gladys met a man in black.
She was taken to a strange building He took her to a strange building.
Gladys has her hoof prints removed She had her hoof prints removed.
Gladys was given a new identity She was given a new identity.
Gladys in her new clothes She was given new clothes to wear.
Gladys in the car She went for a drive with the man in black.
The car going upside down The car went fast. It went upside down.
Gladys feeling sick She felt sick. The Men in Black gave her the rest of the day off. She went home.
Gladys goes to sleep She fell asleep, back in her field, thinking about where she should go on her next adventure.
Gladys with a 'flashie thing' Now, just look into this please...
The End
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