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Gladys Goes Where No Cow Has Gone Before

Gladys at home Gladys woke up one morning and decided she wanted to be an actress.
Gladys goes to a television studio She went to a television studio.
Gladys gets a part in Star Trek When she got there she got a part in Star Trek. She put on her costume.
Gladys is too hot under the lights She stood under the hot studio lights for a long time while the scenes were filmed.
Gladys feels sick She began to feel faint. She felt sick.
Gladys looking more realistic The director was pleased. He thought that Gladys looked more realistic now.
Gladys going home Gladys went home when all the filming had been done. She decided she didn't like acting.
Gladys goes to sleep She fell asleep, back in her field, thinking about where she should go on her next adventure.
The End
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