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Gladys Builds A Snowman

Gladys at home Gladys woke up one morning and found her field covered in snow. She decided to build a snowman.
Gladys makes the snowman's body from snow. She made the body from snow.
Gladys uses some branches for the snowman's arms She found some branches for arms.
Gladys uses stones for the snowman's eyes, nose and mouth. She found some stones for it's eyes, nose and mouth.
Gladys puts an old top hat and scarf on the snowman. She put an old top hat and scarf on the snowman.
The sun came out. The sun came out.
Gladys and the melted snowman. The snowman melted.
Gladys feels sick. She felt sick.
Gladys goes to sleep She fell asleep that night wondering if it would snow the next day.
The End
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