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Gladys Goes Camping

Gladys at home Gladys woke up one morning and decided she wanted to go camping.
Gladys hiking She packed her tent and her sleeping bag and hiked to a camp site.
Gladys and her tent She pitched her tent.
Gladys and the camp fire She built a camp fire.
Gladys looking worried In the middle of the night Gladys woke up. She kept hearing strange noises.
Gladys feeling sick She was nervous. She felt sick.
Gladys looking out of her tent She looked out of the tent. She saw it was just an owl. She felt silly.
Gladys walking home The next morning she decided it was time to go home. She packed up her stuff and walked home.
Gladys goes to sleep Feeling very tired, Gladys fell asleep that night thinking about where she should go on her next adventure.
The End
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