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Gladys Buys A Car

Gladys at home One morning Gladys woke up and decided she wanted to buy a car.
Gladys goes to a car dealer She went to a local car dealer.
Gladys in a small car She took a car for a test drive. It was too small.
Gladys in a another car She took another car for a test drive.
Gladys is over taken by a milk float She was over taken by a milk float.
Gladys feels sick She felt sick. Gladys was ready to give up on finding a car that she liked and returned to the dealer.
Gladys buys a car When she got there, she saw the perfect car and bought it straight away. Gladys drove home happily.
Gladys goes to sleep She fell asleep, back in her field, thinking about where she should go on her next adventure.
The End
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